Saturday, October 8, 2016

"कहाँ है"

"कहाँ है"
बादलो का जंगल
बारिशो की हलचल
आधे पुनर्जन्म की कहानी
तैरती तृष्णाओं में है।

धियुतीधारा के मायाजाल से
लिपटे सर्प का जीवन
जटाओ, रुद्राक्षो का मनोरंजन
बर्फीली गुफाओ में है।

एक भटका मछवारा बीच समन्दर मे
खुद के डर से जूझता
पतवार और धुप की किरकिरी
किस दिशा जाये
विचारों की व्याधाओ मे है।

एक कवि के सियाही मे बहते
कुछ भावना और कल्पना
पन्नों पर बिखरे जैसे तैसे
पूर्ण होने की अभिलाषा मे
किताबो मे बंद है।

----- कीर्ति राज----

Dancing on Blue

"Dancing on blue"
I was dancing on the crystal water 
Near the land of eternal sunshine 
Manifested by magic of blue
There was a snake
floating around my steps
Like she was dancing along
And I was frightened of get bitten
But she wanted to free my soul
She scratched my heart
And I started climbing over the cloud
With my delicately dancing feet
And oozing sheep
Her image was mincing in blue
We were soaking ourselves in dew.

By: Kirti Raj

My Funeral

My Funeral....
I want to bury myself in deep, dark coffin of death...
All lifeless, motionless far from all the stress...
No one can catch my soul,
Standing on the door of "HAYAAT"...
Travelling the dry desert to see the dew of grave land...
I laid in my wedding gown,
All dressed up with fragrance and flower,
like a pure virgin bride, to celebrate my last farewell...
All shed sparkling tears on my grave,
But you arrived with a red Gulmohar in your hand...
A line of fade smile was travelling from your eye to lips...
I was waving my hand from the door of posthumonous...
But you were staring my cold, lifeless coffin...
Now its time of unwanted separation,
From life to life, love to love,
And you will find no one in your house of fire...
You light a candle in front of my colorless portrait...
To give me new life in your heart...
The scar of wedding ring on your finger,
Not going to stay any longer...
You blamed me to leave you alone forever,
But before leaving, I gave you a new world of inspiration...
Where I will always be alive,
Will sit on that black couch with handful desire...
Now you can see me, sweet heart...
Through the gleams of soulful fire...
By: kirti Raj......

You and Me...

(You and me)....
Kate's undiscovered memories of her unreal life,
Her house on the broken bridge,
Far from gingerly chaos.
That filthy Sunday morning,
She used to gaze him,
Unevenly naked through the gleams of dew.
He burned his pen in fire,
And ashes of blue ink were floating,
And they were glowing,
Like last flame of each burned cigarette.
There was a book of Shakespeare on his shelf,
With a love inscription written by him.
The room was full of aromatic smell of coffee,
Spilled on the table.
There was a broken piano,
near the porch,
Where they used to dance,
On that prisoned tune.
Once he wrote a divine story,
On her body and curled with kisses.
But she never felt his skin,
Smelled him and kissed his breath.
She wanted to grope him,
With love and affection.
Out of that unreal book.
They were only the characters of a story,
Without breath and flesh,
But they unleashed their limits,
And drowned completely in supernatural insanity..
By: kirti raj 

Singing sand of war

(Singing sand of war)
Singing sand of war
Oozing from the peeling sky
Plucking each light
And tuning my guitar...
Some astonishing star
And few blood war
Lit up all souls
On every hungry harbour...
Some dread weapons
Performed by every saint and painter
And figment of new theatre
Sparkle on every street
Dancing with fearless feet...
Singing sand of war
We killed all astonished star
Owner of penance land
And some broken wall...
By: kirti raj....


"I am a goddess of supernatural divinity
created this whole universe
stars and galaxy".
"I am a mother
blessed with a boon
to give birth of human cocoon".
" I am a mistress of kingdom's territory
sometime seductress and pure sultry
touch of my skin
light your passionate destiny
and a queen of pleasurable agony".
" I am a pure virgin
like a white swan
decorated with rituals
dancing on water with falling sky".
" I am a lover of my magician
and wife of a fisherman
overly possessive sometime
and images of your breathing frame".
" I gave this human
all the emotions
I have infinite faces
always behind every races
and trophy of scarifying success".
" I am a mother of nature
and daughter of creation
lover of passion
and companion of seduction".
"i am itself a destruction
and carrying a power of invention
I am nothing
which melts by heat
moistoined by water
i am your half soul
my name is women".
by: kirti raj

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