Saturday, October 8, 2016


"I am a goddess of supernatural divinity
created this whole universe
stars and galaxy".
"I am a mother
blessed with a boon
to give birth of human cocoon".
" I am a mistress of kingdom's territory
sometime seductress and pure sultry
touch of my skin
light your passionate destiny
and a queen of pleasurable agony".
" I am a pure virgin
like a white swan
decorated with rituals
dancing on water with falling sky".
" I am a lover of my magician
and wife of a fisherman
overly possessive sometime
and images of your breathing frame".
" I gave this human
all the emotions
I have infinite faces
always behind every races
and trophy of scarifying success".
" I am a mother of nature
and daughter of creation
lover of passion
and companion of seduction".
"i am itself a destruction
and carrying a power of invention
I am nothing
which melts by heat
moistoined by water
i am your half soul
my name is women".
by: kirti raj

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